Booze, cash, drugs and freebies – The dark underbelly of elections

Booze, cash, drugs and freebies – The dark underbelly of elections
May 30, 2019 Neta Team

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that money, liquor and other enticements flow like municipal water during Indian elections. The ECI has confiscated suspect cash, illegal liquor, drugs, and freebies worth thousands of crores across the country since the poll schedule was announced on March 10.

The seizures expose the deep-rooted culture of vote buying in Indian elections. In the report, Team Neta counts the contraband gifts that were meant to buy your votes. Brace yourself for some shocking numbers!

The total value of seizures for General Elections 2019 is almost three times the value of seizures in the previous elections.

The complete range of gifts and how much they were worth

As per the data, a total of ₹ 844 Cr worth of cash, ₹ 304.61 Cr worth of liquor, drugs valued at  ₹ 1279.9 Cr, gold and other precious metals worth ₹ 987.11 C and other freebies of ₹ 60.15 Cr were seized from across the country.

The worst offenders – where’s it all coming from?

The biggest seizure of these illegal inducements valued at ₹ 952 Cr was recorded in Tamil Nadu. This was followed by Gujarat where the value of seized illegal inducements suspected to have been used to bribe voters stood at ₹ 553.76 Cr. The figures in other major states are ₹ 386.41 in Punjab, followed by ₹ 232.02 Cr in Andhra Pradesh and ₹ 195.19 Cr in Uttar Pradesh. The top ten seizure series

Where’s the money?

The biggest seizure of suspect cash (₹ 229.74) was recorded from Tamil Nadu, followed by  Andhra Pradesh (₹ 140.78). Here are the top ten states by cash seizure –

Let the liquor flow

Going by seizures, liquor flowed most abundantly in Maharashtra followed by Madhya Pradesh. Let us inform you that the values mentioned herein are actually in lakh litres! Ironically enough, a ‘dry state’ Gujarat features on the list of top ten states going by liquor seizure. A yet another dry state, Bihar recorded a liquor seizure amounting to 1.4 lakh litre. Here are the top ten –

The treatment – let’s get high on votes

Meant to entice voters, drugs/narcotics was another category of contraband trending on the seizure list. Uttar Pradesh tops the list with almost 25000 Kg. of drug seizure followed by Madhya Pradesh at 20588 Kg. Here are the other states that were high on seizures –

Precious metals and freebies

So, metals are precious and even more so when it’s election time! Precious metals valued at a whopping ₹ 709.67 Cr were seized from Tamil Nadu while Andhra Pradesh topped the list for freebies with seizures worth ₹ 22.51.

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