Here’s all you need to know about the 17th Lok Sabha

Here’s all you need to know about the 17th Lok Sabha
May 28, 2019 Neta Team



  • The representation of women goes up but still remains only 14%
  • Almost half (43%) of the newly elected MPs hold criminal records
  • 72.7% of MPs have at least graduate level education
  • 55% will be in Lok Sabha for their first term


We’ve said hello to a new Lok Sabha! So, who will represent us for the next five years? Neta brings you a quick overview of the profile of the newly elected members of the House. Let’s go straight to the numbers, shall we?

BJP emerges as the single largest party

A Modi tsunami swept the nation yet again as BJP bagged 303 of 542 seats that went to polls. Congress managed to improve its previous tally by just 8 seats and managed to win just 52. Take a look at where the parties stand –

17th Lok Sabha to see the highest representation of women

Women account for 14.4% of the newly-elected MPs. A total of 716 women candidates had contested the general elections in 2019 out of which, 77 have won. The number of women in the House has slowly improved from 36 in the first-ever Lok Sabha to 77 in the 17th– that’s more than double. 

Let’s take a look at the representation of women among newly-elected MPs from different states –However, regardless of the increase, representation of women in Lok Sabha continues to be low and disproportionate. Look at some other countries for example – 61% of lawmakers in Rwanda are women while neighboring Bangladesh has 21 %.

Nearly half of the newly-elected Lok Sabha MPs have criminal records

As many as 233 MPs elected to the 17th Lok Sabha have criminal charges against them. The percentage of MPs with criminal records now stands at 43%, a nine percentage points rise as compared to 2014. In 2014, 185  Lok Sabha members had criminal charges while the corresponding number for 2009 was 162. Let’s come back to the 17th Lok Sabha- going by numbers, BJP has 116 MPs with criminal records followed by Congress (29), JDU (13), DMK (10) and AITC (9). Here’s how much MPs with criminal records account for among the newly-elected MPs of major parties  –Almost 73% of MPs have at least graduate level education

Yes! About 392 of our newly-elected MPs hold a graduate degree or higher while 128 have studied up to class 12th or less. Would you get it better if we visualized it for you? Here we go…

Welcome the greenhorns!

300 of the 542 newly-elected MPs (that’s 55.4%) will be in Lok Sabha for their first term. The number of greenhorns (now that’s a cool term, right?!) in the previous House was 314. 197 MPs have been re-elected from the outgoing Lok Sabha while 45 of them have held office earlier. 118 MPs would be serving for the third time or more. Maneka Gandhi (BJP, Sultanpur) and Santosh Kumar Gangwar (BJP, Bareilly) are both veterans elected for the eighth time.

Cheers to a younger Lok Sabha!

Did you know that about 12% of the newly-elected MPs were below the age of 40 years? Take a look –The Lok Sabha just got a bit younger as compared to the outgoing one which had just 8% of MPs below 40.  A majority of the MPs fall in the age group of 41-44 and 56-70 years. Only 6% of MPs are above 70 years of age. At 25, BJD’s Chandrani Murmu, an engineer by profession, has scripted history by becoming the youngest Lok Sabha member! 

Team Neta extends its best wishes to the MPs for a successful term.

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