Know Your Neta [Phase II]: Fewer women, lakhpatis outnumber crorepatis

Know Your Neta [Phase II]: Fewer women, lakhpatis outnumber crorepatis
April 17, 2019 Neta Team

Aren’t you waiting to know more about the candidates contesting phase II? Wait no more! Team Neta has analysed self-sworn affidavits of 330 candidates from major parties for you. Here’s all you need to know about them…

The only minority in India? Women politicians with a ticket

Disappointingly enough, the percentage of female candidates has fallen further to stand at 8% as against 10% for phase I. The commitment to reserve 33% of seats in parliament has unfortunately remained confined to the pages of party manifestos.

Candidates with higher education form an absolute majority

Yes, you read it right! About 67% of candidates contesting phase II hold a graduate degree or above. Here’s what the education profile of candidates contesting phase II looks like:

Move over crorepatis, here come the lakhpatis

While 50% of candidates contesting phase II are lakhpaties, 47% are crorepatis.  Let us also take a look at the parties which contribute most number of lakhpatis and crorepatis to the list.

Congress tops the list with 37 lakhpati candidates in the fray, followed by BJP at 33.

MNM tops the list of crorepatis with 24 candidates, followed by AMMK at 21.

And now for some crime watch

From 26% in phase I to 27.8% in phase II, candidates with self-declared criminal cases against themselves continue to account for roughly 3/4th of the total number. Congress tops the list yet again with 21 of its candidates having self-declared criminal cases against themselves, followed by BJP at 14.

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