Know Your Neta – Phase VI to see maximum criminal representation

Know Your Neta – Phase VI to see maximum criminal representation
May 9, 2019 Neta Team

Phase VI, the penultimate phase of LS 19 is just around the corner and another batch of candidates will battle it out across 59 seats. So, what’s the sixth batch of candidates like? Neta app has sampled and analyzed self-sworn affidavits of 198 candidates to bring you an overview of the characteristics of this batch.

The age groups they belong to

Almost half the contestants in phase VI are in the age group of 40-60 years. About 30% of contestants are more than 60 years of age. Younger candidates (20-40 yrs) account for 20.7%.

Money, money, and money

Accounting for 49.2% each, crorepatis and lakhpatis have outnumbered every other category of candidates in phase VI. Here’s how much they account for on the candidate lists of some major parties –

With declared assets of over 374 crores, Jyotiraditya Scindia is the richest of all the candidates contesting Phase VI.

Crime isn’t a bad thing in politics!

Candidates with self-declared criminal cases against constitute 43.4% of candidates contesting phase VI which is highest among all the phases so far. These candidates constitute 42.59% and 43.18% of those in the fray on a BJP and Congress ticket respectively.

Education profile of candidates in phase VI

A whopping 73.6% of candidates contesting phase VI hold a graduate degree or higher while 23.9% of them have studied up to standard 12th or less.

Women continue to remain abysmally underrepresented 

Going by the categories of candidate classification, women continue to form one of the most underrepresented groups in 2019 Lok Sabha polls. They constitute just 14.6% of candidates fielded in phase VI. The representation of women among candidates fielded by BJP and Congress in phase VI stands at 18.51% and 13.63% respectively. Out of the total female candidates, about 27.5% have been fielded from Uttar Pradesh making it a state with maximum women representation in this phase.

Let’s conclude with another interesting fact- out of the 198 candidates analyzed, 39 (that’s 19.69%) are debutants who would contest a Lok Sabha poll for the first time!

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