Know Your Neta [Phase 1]: Every 4th Candidate Faces Criminal Charges, 64% Crorepatis

Know Your Neta [Phase 1]: Every 4th Candidate Faces Criminal Charges, 64% Crorepatis
April 9, 2019 Neta Team

They’re rich, they’re educated, they have criminal records, and they’re out to seek your votes!

Team Neta has analysed self-sworn affidavits of 256 candidates from major parties who are contesting phase I. Here are our major findings:

33% women in parliament? Sorry, we’re kidding!

Women constitute just 10% of candidates contesting phase I. The percentage of women candidates fielded by BJP and Congress is less than 8%.

75% hold a graduate degree or above

Yes, that’s true. Around 75% of candidates contesting phase I hold a graduate degree or above. Congress has a higher percentage of candidates holding a graduate degree or above out of the total number of its candidates contesting phase I as compared to the BJP.

26.17% of candidates have a criminal background

A total of 67 out of the analysed 256 candidates of the major parties have self-declared criminal cases against themselves. With 42 cases, Congress’ A. Revanth Reddy tops the list of candidates with criminal cases lodged against them. Going by numbers, Congress (21) and BJP (20) have roughly the same number of candidates with criminal records.

And here come the Richie Rich…

Out of the candidates analysed, crorepatis have well crossed the halfway-mark and beyond to form a majority of their own! A whopping 165 candidates have declared assets to the tune of more than 1 Cr. Congress’ Konda Vishweshwar Reddy (Chevella, Telangana) is the richest candidate going by the assets. TDP tops the list of parties with a maximum number of crorepatis out of the total candidates declared by the party. 

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