Politicians may deserve the throne but not the credit for military ops, say Indians

Politicians may deserve the throne but not the credit for military ops, say Indians
April 15, 2019 Neta Team

The game of thrones for Lok Sabha has begun and one of the major trending issues this season is national security. The ruling BJP is engaged in muscular-nationalism while the opposition is trying to dislodge the high-octane sentiment in view of the electoral outcomes. What apparently has propelled national security towards the center-stage of national issues is the ‘politicization’ of Balakot airstrikes and the aerial combat in the aftermath of Pulwama terrorist attacks. As the country speculated over the possibility of a war at the border, a war of words was quick to break out between political parties back home. While the BJP was accused of taking credits for military operations, the opposition was accused of demoralizing the armed forces with their narrative. As the campaigning for Lok Sabha polls 2019 intensified, UP CM Yogi Adityanath kicked up a row when he reportedly referred to the armed forces as ‘Modiji ki sena,’ triggering strong reactions. Now, over 150 army veterans have purportedly written to President Ramnath Kovind expressing their concern over the use of armed forces to pursue political agenda. As the debate continues, a question arises- do politicians really deserve credit for military ops? Here’s what Indians across 21 states and the capital think…

While a majority (60.8%) of sampled Indians believe that politicians do not deserve credit for military operations, about a quarter of them (25.73%) believe they do. Interestingly 13.47% of respondents think that there’s no harm in giving politicians a partial credit.

The believers, and the unbelievers…

A higher percentage (>60%) of respondents from non-BJP ruled states believe that politicians were undeserving of the credit for military ops. Jammu & Kashmir tops the list of the states where an overwhelming majority (90.48%) believes politicians do not deserve credit followed by Telangana (69.88%), and Madhya Pradesh (67.78%). Among all the states sampled, Odisha has the highest percentage (35.44%) of respondents believing politicians deserved credit followed by Tamil Nadu (34.69%), Uttar Pradesh (33.49%), Himachal Pradesh (32%), and Bihar (30.46%).  

So, national security is definitely a trending issue, however, Indians have made it clear that politicization of the armed forces won’t take you closer to the iron throne!


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