Priyanka Gandhi’s Ayodhya visit won’t help Congress much, finds Neta app survey

Priyanka Gandhi’s Ayodhya visit won’t help Congress much, finds Neta app survey
March 30, 2019 Neta Team

Continuing her bid for the revival of her party’s fortunes in UP, Congress’ eastern UP in-charge Priyanka Gandhi visited the epicenter of Ram Janmabhoomi dispute- Ayodhya. The question is- was her visit more about optics or has it impacted people’s voting preferences? In order to find an answer to this question, we asked Neta app users if Gandhi’s Ayodhya visit would impact their voting preference. 

Gandhi in Ayodhya- Low impact, but an impact nonetheless?

While 51.2% of respondents from across the country believed her visit was likely to impact their vote, only 34.2% of respondents from eastern UP believed it was electorally effective. So was the impact of Gandhi’s Ayodhya visit completely different from what her party intended? Not in Faizabad, though. Interestingly, at 48%, Gandhi’s impact on voting preferences on respondents in Faizabad PC was higher vis-a-vis eastern UP.

Priyanka’s charisma vs eastern UP’s caste calculus

We analyzed the impact of Gandhi’s visit across east UP’s electorally significant caste spectrum. As it turns out, Priyanka’s charisma was blunted by the Hindu Upper Caste equation as only 25% of respondents from this category believed her visit would impact their vote.

Gandhi was, however, able to impact voting preferences of a higher number of respondents from Muslim, OBC, and Dalit communities.

As political parties refine their strategies and slug it out for the Lok Sabha,Uttar Pradesh continues to cast its opinion in caste.


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